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Our digital analysis is a "best practice" toolkit for digital transformation, 100% automation (RPA) and digital analysis developed by a network of Swedish and international experts. It is primarily adapted for larger medium-sized enterprises but can also be used for small business digital analyses. An overview of the red, yellow and green digitisation statuses of different areas guides the company's decisions for new innovative and better digitisation opportunities.


Digital Innovation

"Act now or die?"

Contact us for an unbiased analysis of your company's challenges.

Our founders have more than 24 years of digitization experience & "Digital Service Management"!

We help you gain an overall insight and action for your entire company on several business issues.

BizzIT Digital certified digital consultants deliver measurable results by implementing your digital transformation with our expert services including AI (artificial intelligence), digitization analysis, digital strategy, digital preditive and web analytics, digital marketing, marketing automation (precision marketing), our proprietary social communties SaaS solution, GDPR complete analysis and services.

Examples hot issues now store death and e-commerce.

You have already prepared yourself and thought through the consequences for you when Amazon establishes itself in Sweden?

How do you take advantage of the opportunities to sell your products and services abroad?


Data allow your political judgments to be based on fact, to the extent that numbers describe realities.

- Hans Rosling

Not making decisions and doing anything is also a decision!

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